Church Addresses

St. John’s United             Wellington United
3360 Highway #2             76 Church St
Fall River, NS                   Wellington, NS
B2T 1J2                               B2T 1A2


Minister Rev. Dr. Sally Shaw 902-860-4000 (office)  902-412- 0822 (cell)
Admin Assistant Susan Dekker-Inkpen 902-860-4000
Music Director    Pianist Jennifer Mallette(SJUC)      Peter Thamer
Music Leader      Pianist Louise Loughead (WUC)    Bobby McLean
Chair of Official Board Rick Fullerton


Chair of Council Linda Simmonds 902-444-2257


Clerk of Session Joyce Patriquin 902-861-3237

You are welcome to drop by the church office. (3360 Highway #2 Fall River)

Office Hours: Monday – Friday 9am – 1pm (or by appointment)

(The Church office is closed during the summer months of July & August).