St. John’s Evacuation Procedure:


a.      In the event of fire, DO NOT stop for clothing or other possessions; exit building immediately.

b.      PARENTS: DO NOT look for your children inside; they will be evacuated to the Parking Lot area by volunteers/staff.

c.       Sanctuary:

i.      Right Side, (facing pulpit), exits via front, right exit door by the piano, circles around church to parking lot.

ii.      Centre and left sides, (facing pulpit,) exit via main doors through foyer and straight out to parking lot.

[Alternate exit through hall if foyer blocked]

iii.      Choir Loft, exit via the front, right exit door by the piano.


d.      Blair Fellowship Hall :

i.      Exit through Fellowship Doors, or if blocked, through east end exit door, and straight out to parking lot.

e.      Kitchen:

i.      Exit through Blair Fellowship Hall, or if blocked, via Kitchen exit door, and out to parking lot.

f.        Chapel/Administrative Area:

i.      Exit down hallway to foyer and out main doors to parking lot area. [Alternate route through Chapel exit to Sanctuary and nearest available exit]

g.      Nursery:

i.      Turn right, down stairs and exit through Fellowship doors to parking lot. [Alternate exit through Sunday School area if stairs blocked]

h.      Sunday School Area:

i.      Exit down stairs, via north east exit door, turn right, to parking lot area.  [Alternate exit down stairs via north west exit, around church to parking lot.]

i.       Once outside, all person assemble in the Parking Lot area.