Waverley Pastoral Charge

Policy and Procedure

Supply Ministry

Waverley Pastoral Charge (WPC) is responsible for providing worship leadership and preaching supply for worship services at St John’s United Church and Wellington United Church. As well there must be provision for pastoral care supply for members, adherents and their families.

There are times when the settled minister for the Charge is not able to fulfill their responsibilities because of scheduled vacation and study leave, illness etc. Therefore the WPC Official Board will follow the current guidelines of the United Church of Canada (UCC) as laid out in the UCC Manual, to provide worship leadership and pastoral care supply.

There are several types of supply ministry:

  • Worship leadership and preaching supply (“pulpit supply”): leading worship and preaching, based on about eight hours of preparation, usually one or more Sundays at a time, arranged by local congregations, to be negotiated with a minimum per diem honorarium as per UCC guidelines for members of the order of ministry,  and an honorarium offered to lay ministers as determined by congregations
  • Pastoral care supply: being on call for emergencies, especially end-of-life situations; duration and honorarium to be negotiated
  • Longer-term supply: terms to be negotiated by pastoral charge; involves Conference (does background checks) and Presbytery (makes appointment and provides oversight)
  • Weekend supply: based on 12 hours/weekend, may include pastoral care and meetings, often provided by candidates and students

The responsibilities involved in the first two types of supply ministry most frequently required at WPC are as follows:

Worship leadership and preaching

  • Develop details of order of service and, in consultation with congregational music leadership, decide on hymns and readings
  • Preach sermon
  • Lead children’s time, unless other plans in place
  • Co-ordinate order of service preparation with administrative assistant who prepares bulletins, passes on order of service to projectionist (SJUC), lay readers, prayer leader and other participants
  • Provide brief biographical note for bulletin and introduction to congregation

Pastoral Care Supply

  • Be on call as agreed upon, usually Sunday after worship until Monday morning week after next
  • Provide phone number with voice mail that is checked regularly
  • Respond to family needs in end-of-life situations, including help in making arrangements for funeral or memorial service, working co-operatively with administrative assistant and/or funeral ministry team and pastoral care team
  • As requested by administrative assistant or designate, respond to other emergency situations
  • Refer to the current list of community resources as provided by the administrative assistant as required to deal with emergencies
  • Keep a record of calls and call-outs and travel expenses
  • Review calls, call-outs and any follow-up required with the minister at their return

The following general procedure will apply for supply ministry:

  • There will be a current list of ordained and lay ministers who are available to cover worship services at SJUC and WUC maintained by the Pastoral Charge Administrative Assistant. This list will be comprised of volunteers from the congregation, other clergy who are available, as well as members of the order of ministry available for supply ministry from a list obtained from Halifax Presbytery. This list will be revised annually in September by the Administrative Assistant.
  • Clergy on the list will have provided reports of criminal record check and vulnerable sector search within the last three years.
  • The minister for WPC will notify the chairs of Official Board, SJUC Council and WUC Session, in a reasonable time frame, about worship services that he/she will be unable to attend or the need for pastoral care supply.
  • The chairs, after conferring with the minister, will seek to find a replacement from the current list of ministry supply, including volunteers from the congregations.
  • When a member of the order of ministry is replacing the minister, the Chair of OB will notify the Central Treasurer in advance of the service, or after pastoral care supply is ended, so the Central Treasurer can prepare a cheque for the appropriate amount.
  • The honorarium for an ordained minister will be the per diem set out in the current United Church of Canada resource, Minimum Salaries for Ministry Personnel, Visiting Ministry Personnel. The honorarium for a lay person for worship leadership will be $50.  When the visiting minister, whether ordained or lay, conducts two services, the minimum honorarium will be paid at the rate of 1.25 per diem.  Travel will be reimburses at the rate approved for the minister of Waverley Pastoral Charge.
  • The Chair of OB or designate will be responsible for providing the supply minister with their honorarium on the day of the service or at the end of pastoral care supply.
  • In the event that remuneration by honoraria combines to exceed $500 in a calendar year, a T4A will be issued for tax purposes after year-end, as outlined in UCC Financial Handbook for Congregations, section 4.8.2.

Pastoral Care Supply and Call-outs Procedure:

  • A call-out is any situation that requires an immediate response on the part of the pastoral care provider that would necessitate a face-to-face interview with an WPC member, adherent or their family eg: end-of-life situations, a health crisis (mental or physical), a personal crisis or a situation that the pastoral care provider deems to be one that cannot wait for the return of the minister to address.
  • One situation might require several call-outs to resolve issues.
  • The pastoral care provider keeps the chair of WPC Official Board, or the Chair of M&P if the OB Chair is unavailable, apprised of workload issues during the pastoral care supply period as required so that the chair is aware of the number of call-outs and can offer support as needed.
  • The pastoral care provider keeps a record of the number of call-outs and travel involved for submission to the Chair of OB for an honorarium at the end of the allotted dates of pastoral care supply. The honorarium for each week of pastoral care supply will be $50. The minimum honorarium for each situation involving one or more call-outs will be $50. Reimbursement of travel requirements will be as specified in the latest version of the UCC Minimum Salary and Allowances Schedule (December 2013= $0.41 per km).


Approved by Official Board January 21, 2014

Revised by Official Board January 12, 2015

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