Waverley Pastoral Charge

Concerns Policy and Procedure


“The Ministry and Personnel Committee (M and P) of the pastoral charge is the appropriate body for people to bring questions or concerns regarding church ministry personnel and staff and their work.”

[1] This policy outlines the steps the M and P committee of Waverley Pastoral Charge will take to respond to such questions or concerns. This policy does not replace the policies of the United Church, currently found in The Manual (2013), page 191, bylaws section J 5 and following, and as modified from time to time. In case of a conflict between this policy and The Manual, The Manual shall have precedence.


  1. M and P chair receives concern from Ministry personnel or staff member, member or adherent of one of the congregations, or member of the community.
  2. Concern is conveyed through signed letter or email, or face-to-face conversation.
  3. M and P chair encourages the person who raised the concern to speak first to the relevant member of ministry personnel or staff. If the person cannot take this direct action, the M and P chair may offer to accompany the person to a meeting with the relevant member of ministry personnel or staff. The chair of M and P may then report to the committee that a concern was raised and resolved.
  4. If the concern is not resolved through actions outlined in 3 above, M and P chair presents concern to M and P committee members.
  5. Committee reviews the concern in confidence; the concern is discussed only in the committee, not outside it.
  6. M and P consults with the relevant ministry personnel or staff member.
  7. M and P decides what action to take on the concern; for example, to ask for more information from the person who raised the concern, to write a letter in response, or to offer a mediated conversation between the parties. M and P tries to develop consensus on the issue.
  8. Once M and P recommends an action, it advises those directly involved.
  9. M and P invites the ministry personnel or staff member to respond to written recommendations, either in writing or in person.
  10. If no consensus is possible, M and P may report to Official Board or St. John’s Church Council without the agreement of the affected ministry personnel or staff member.
  11. Committee minutes include the concern as presented, reasons for committee decisions, actions to be taken and by whom, and recommendations to Official Board or St. John’s Council.
  12. M and P makes written recommendations to Board or Council for action.
  13. Official Board or St. John’s Council receives recommendations from M and P and makes a decision on the issue, and advises the ministry personnel or staff member involved.
  14. Written records of the issue are kept in the confidential personnel file of the ministry personnel or staff member involved. Ministry personnel and staff have access to the entire contents of their own personnel file on request to M and P.

Approved by Official Board, January 12, 2015

[1] Ministry and Personnel (M&P) Committee Guidelines, The United Church of Canada (Toronto: 2010),   p. 10.

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