Worship – Loving Yourself as a Child of God

I don’t usually write much about the WiseCafe worship service here but given that I don’t have a lot of info to share that I am able to share with you from the program portion of this WiseCafe, I thought I would give you a taste of this particular service. As demonstrated in the photos within this post, the sun was shining gloriously and the St. John’s United Chapel was bursting at the seams. The theme for the service was Loving Yourself as a Child of God, based on these scripture readings: 1 John 3:1, Proverbs 19:8, Mark 12: 28-31. The Summer/Autumn 2011 edition of the United Church Publication of Gathering was used as resource for the writings of Beth Johnston (p. 38) and Anne MacDermaid (p.35).  Music Ministry was provided by Brent MacPherson who soulfully performed (solo and accompaniment) Precious Lord, Take My Hand– words by Thomas A. Dorsey; music by George N. Allen, #670 in the United Church publication Voices United.  In closing, WiseCafe accompanist, Grant Kerr, led us in I Am a Child of God, words and music by Cheryl and Bruce Harding, # 157 in the United Church of Canada publication, More Voices.



“. . . love your neighbor as yourself.” In the Mark 12:31, Jesus implies that we already love ourselves, that we must first love ourselves. But do we?
In her online article title, Loving God, Yourself & Others, Joyce Meyer says, “there’s something important here that I think people often miss: You cannot give away something you don’t have in you. How can someone love another person if they don’t love themselves? We all need to accept ourselves, embrace our personalities and even our imperfections, knowing that although we are not where we need to be, we are making progress. Jesus died for us because we have weaknesses and imperfections, and we don’t have to reject ourselves because of them. God wants us to love ourselves and enjoy how He’s made us!”

But, I ask you, even though the scripture passages indicate otherwise, haven’t we been raised both at home and in church to believe that it’s wrong to love ourselves? That it is self-centered,leaning toward being boastful and rude? The key is to recognize the difference between ego and self-love of yourself as a child of God.

The following insight is shared in an online devotion found on the Find the Power website:“Many people hate themselves. They hate who they are, hate what they are like, or hate where or how they are in their life