Sitting in the dark puts Advent in perspective. We take for granted the conveniences of life (such as power) and when the lights go out (such as right now on Thursday morning), we are crippled or at least really inconvenienced. Imagine our forebearers who grew up in darkness except for the glow from candles or oil lamps at night. Or the people of the north who live in perpetual darkness months at a time. They must have adjusted to this darkness,  but the dawning of a new day would be greatly received.  It seems that everything we encounter on a daily basis needs power,  and unless our batteries are fully charged, such as this laptop, we are at a  loss. We need this outside source that strengthens us and improves our living conditions.  We need light to permeate our darkness, we need a star to light up our sky.  Jesus was that light for a weary people longing for a saviour. Someone to take people from their misery to another place where hope could  not just be imagined, but realised in the life we live.  Night is at its darkest just before dawn, so lets continue to Adventure in this pre-dawn season,  for a new day, a new way is about to be born.