Many good things are happening at St. John’s United because so many contribute their time, talents and resources.  From the financial side of stewardship, the Finance and Stewardship Committee expects that we will end the year within the approved budget.  Our Treasurer, Paul Keizer, reports that the revenues and expenditures, as of October 31, 2011, are very comparable to those of last year for the same period.

One situation will need to be addressed in next year’s budget.  The costs of heating fuel and snow removal are significantly greater than the budgeted amount.  Fortunately, the salary expenditures for this year are less than the budgeted amounts because of the various staff changes that have occurred since June.

December is always a critical month in its impact on our financial success.  Your weekly contributions, the various fund raising initiatives and the weather are the main factors that affect the final figures.  As a congregation and individually, we have some control over two of those factors!

If you are new to St. John’s, we ask that you consider using church envelopes or registering in the ” Pre-Authorized Remittance” program (PAR)  — tax receipts come with both programs.  Wide use of PAR  gives our church greater stability in being able to manage its finances and plan for a new budget each year.

Thank you for what you give to St. John’s United!

Leslie Fullerton and Jum Gunn
Co-Chairs, Finance and Stewardship Committee