Hi everyone.  Here is the link for January 29th 2017’s sermon in case you missed it or want to share it again.  Thanks for all the feedback and emails about sharing these sermons! 🙂

This recording is from SJUC at the 11am service.  Scroll down below to read the text, Micah 6:1-8.

As we noted on Sunday, we are projecting a deficit of about 16K for 2017.  We actually have a small surplus for 2016 – but we’ll let our fabulous Treasurer say more about that at the Annual Meeting. 

It’s a really small number for churches the size of our congregation.  A little clarification on the math though:

If 30 people gave an extra $5 a week on PAR for 52 weeks of the year, we would raise an extra $7,800.00.  If we could repeat that in 2 years, we would raise: $15,600.00.  When you consider how small an increase that is for people who currently give on PAR or envelope, it’s a powerful number.  There are still many people who took pledge forms home from our recent stewardship campaign that are still thinking about what might be possible for them and their family.  Consider this – a $5 per week gift is about a Tim’s medium coffee and a muffin per week.

What if 30 people gave an extra $20 a month on PAR for 52 weeks of the year? Then we would raise an extra $31,200.00!  If we consider that there are many people at SJUC who aren’t sure what to give, or aren’t on PAR, or who have never been asked to give in a sustainable way – that’s really good news for keeping all this good going strong into the future!

If you would like to make a commitment to support the life and work of SJUC, please contact us at the office and let’s have that conversation.  902-860-4000, office@sjucfr.ca, or revmatthew@sjucfr.ca.

Thank you so much to everyone who gives of their time, talents, and treasure because we believe in our inclusive mission of justice, mercy and walking with God. We have an amazing church that has so many blessings to be thankful for and so much that God is yet calling us to share in the future.



Micah 6:1-8New Revised Standard Version (NRSV)