Holy Bible with a resting pair of earbuds over it. The word of God through hearing.

So a few of you have been asking if I would get the blog going again this fall as it’s been largely inactive for quite a bit.  As most of you know, my life has been on quite the roller coaster for the last year and it’s just getting started with a baby on the way!  It’s been tricky to find time to post much of my thoughts in advance of worship because my time is so fragmented these days.  While I won’t give up on it completely, I’m certainly not going to be posting weekly at the moment.


What I can do is post my sermons!  Many of you have been asking if I would do that, and so I’m working with a few folks at the church to see if we can post an audio recording of the sermon from Sunday mornings.  That way, folks who weren’t able to get here can listen in and if others want to listen again (God help you), you’re more than welcome.


So that’s the plan for the time being.  I hope to have last Sunday’s “Does Your Gift Make A Difference?” up asap. Stay tuned!