KOGA – Kids On God’s Adventure

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KOGA  Camp Song
1. We’re youth from your flock, and we’re back from Camp Kidston!
    We paddled, we prayed and we sang by the fire.
    And whenever we think about being together…..(little pause)
    It brings us great joy, and our hearts are inspired
2. The days were quite sunny, the nights rather chilly.
    The floors of the lodge were as hard as a rock!!
    But the things that we’ll cherish will always be silly….(little pause)
    We’re only just lambs, but we’re part of your flock.
3. We ate and we drank of great food from the kitchen.
    Louise and Ms. Chard, Oh what great cooks were they!
    We setup 3 teams, Sandra said we should pitch in…….(little pause)
    And we wrote our own rules which would guide us each day.</