As promised everyone, here are the practices that we posted outside our church doors at both Wellington and St. John’s.  Feel free to take one, or several of your choice.  If you’re feeling especially courageous, come up with your own challenge.  Either way, remember, don’t give up – give your all!

  • I will volunteer at least 1 hour a week during Lent to a non-profit charity or organization of my choice (see Rev. Matthew for suggestions)
  • I will make time for prayer each day of Lent by spending 15-30 minutes every day, praying for friends, family, our church and the needs of the wider world.
  • I will make time for bible study, reading a gospel or book of my choice each day during the season of lent for at least 15 – 30 minutes.   (see Rev. Matthew for suggestions on easy to read translations and DVD bibles)
  • I will forgive someone who has done me wrong.
  • I will ask forgiveness from someone whom I have wronged, realizing I will have to be open to reconciliation.
  • I will speak to someone I have not spoken to in years.