Hi folks – Conference Annual Meeting was pretty awesome this year with difficult decisions made and incredible amounts of faith and passion shared.

At this years meeting I was given the honor of having out Youth Forum Worship Team and an incredible band in their own right, The Message, dedicate a song to me in response to the sermon I offered during the dedication of our new Maritime Conference Center in Sackville NB.  To find out more about the building, please take a visit to www.marconf.ca.  While I don’t have a live capture picture of what happened on the floor of conference that evening, ask Elaine Grey or Sandra Kerr as they were there too!  I owe a deep thanks to The Message for such a gift and tried my best when invited to sing on stage with them to stay in key. Lorraine if that video ever surfaces…don’t watch it! 🙂

The following video, “Together We Are” helps us to see the incredible work that we are doing at the conference level even in the midst of the most challenging time our United Church of Canada has faced.

Click here and take a 3 minute break today and watch it for yourself. 

Thank you so much for your support, for all you do, for the countless volunteer hours, skills, talents, and gifts that you graciously provide each and every day in the life of our church on so many levels.