o-HOUSE-OF-CARDS-SEASON-2-TRAILER-facebook So it is the season of lent and we often give up “something” for our forty days and nights as a kind of nod to the tradition of fasting which our ancestors, unlike most of us, took quite seriously.

One thing I won’t be giving up is binge watching!

Not that I get the chance to do much of it mind you.  I do really enjoy watching an entire series when I want to watch it rather than wait for an episode a week as you often do during the regular TV season.

If you do binge watch, make sure you get up from the couch and move thyself. Something tells me that while many of us enjoy it, the amount of time you could spend molding yourself into the proverbial couch potato is not terribly healthy…if entertaining.

I’m pretty slow when it comes to TV watching as there’s just a lot of other things to do.  I just finished season 1 of Netflix’ “House of Cards” when many of you familiar with the show have likely finished season 2.

If you’ve never seen this drama, and have any inkling of interest in power and politics, morality, ethics and yes…even theology…you gotta watch Kevin Spacey as Francis Underwood.  A word to the wise and the under age, this is a series for adults and at times, it is very painful to watch.

People familiar with the show that follows a congressman’s relentless hunt for political power in the white house, will know that Francis has a few scenes in a church during the first season.  The last one even features a mini sermon that he gives as an aside.  One of the interesting dynamics in the story telling is that Francis will often turn to the camera, to the audience, and speak just to you even while other events are unfolding – you’re in on what he’s thinking…even if sometimes…we’d really rather not be.

During episode 13 of the first season, after committing some…shall we say morally dubious acts…(we are reflecting on Genesis 3 for lent after all!), Francis goes to church to confront his maker.  The scene opens with him dressed in what I like to call “political bullet proof”. Three piece suit.  Incredibly expensive tie.  Lavish shoes.  Elect me, I dare ya.

Adam and Eve just had fig leaves to work with in Genesis 3 (click here for a refresh) – but the premise is the same.  We make light of the mythical nature and the foolishness of how they try to hid themselves from God.  Francis is no different.  The suit is smashing and modern – it’s just as silly and flawed in its intent.

Adam and Eve hid and lay in wait for God to come looking for them in the garden.  This smells like an ambush.  There was another man who came calling for the ones he loved in a garden too – and they did what they wanted with Jesus in Gethsemane.


Francis approaches the altar and says to the cross…

“Every time I’ve spoken to you you’ve never spoken back. Although given our mutual disdain, I can’t blame you for the silent treatment. Perhaps I’m speaking to the wrong audience.”

He looks down to the devil below (A Greek but not Hebrew idea…just saying…) and says,

“Can you hear me?  Are you even capable of language or do you only understand depravity?”

A noise shatters the eerie silence.

“Peter is that you?  Have the courage to come out and say in death what you never had the courage to say in life.  Have the courage to come out and l