Just-Do-It   Well folks, I guess I got some explaining to do!  For the past few weeks, I haven’t had a chance to blog, mainly because I had a week of vacation, then came back to Youth Expo Sunday (yay!), two funerals back to back, and then we had to get ready for Grad and Father’s Day Sunday.  It has been a busy few weeks, but it’s easy to miss the blog.

There’s been so many amazing things that have happened over that time and I need to address at least a few of them.  First, thank to everyone who helped support me in the Chair Leaders campaign.  I was successful in raising my $500 goal and I couldn’t have done it without such a number of sisters and brothers in the church who cared and were able to have the means to donate.  Thank you so much in helping me, and CPA, raise awareness about accessibility issues in our wider community and in our church.

The Youth Expo was absolutely amazing and I continue to get calls and emails and comments from folks who were just blown away last week by the energy and talent that simmers in our church.  I say it that way because I think there’s even more energy, passion and talent to tap into – CLG only scratched the surface last week!  To everyone who stepped up…thank you so much.  To the ten folks who signed up to volunteer with our youth ministries in the fall, on behalf of CLG and SJUC in particular, thank you.  Step by step, we’re starting to discover that we have been given quite the gift as a pastoral charge – the Holy Spirit is ready and willing to do some pretty amazing things around here and that’s only evident because more and more of us are open to the possibilities of how we can make it happen.

That sort of leads me to Sunday.  As I sat down to reflect on Paul’s reading from Galatians (click here), I was struck by the marketing slogan that Nike did not invent.  They stole it I tell ‘ya!  Jesus came up with this 2000 years ago and I would argue, in the beginning…that’s what God’s always been up to.

Paul was upset that Peter forgot about it.  It is absolutely sacred and the only reason why we are who we are as the church.  It’s been with us for a while.  It sets people free.  It turns tables over.  It makes our dividing ways mean absolutely nothing.  Zilch.  It cannot be earned or achieved, it is totally, freely, abundantly,  given with measureless cost to every thing that lives and breathes and creeps on this earth.  It makes a lot of demands.  It strikes some people as impossible and totally unrealistic.  It is everywhere – and I see it in you.

And Jesus asks but one thing of us,

Just do it.

Do what?

See you Sunday, and let’s find out together,