Intermediates at Conference (IAC) and Youth Forum (YF) are each a place of community and a place of faith where United Church youth, between the ages of Gr. 7 – Gr. 9 (IAC) and Grade 10 and age 19 (YF), meet from across the Maritimes, the Gaspé, and Bermuda. It takes place during the Annual Meeting of Maritime Conference, which is a gathering of representatives who make decisions and set policies for the United Church of Canada.

IAC and YF meet as two separate groups. Each group creates an inclusive, diverse and safe community of over a hundred youth in the name of Christ. Each provides a place for youth to explore their faith and to learn more about the United Church of Canada while sharing music, worship and fun in a spirit-filled community.


The cost of IAC and Youth Forum is $250 per participant. This fee includes all activities, meals, accommodations, and a t-shirt. Travel expenses are in addition to this price. Don’t let the cost frighten you from applying. Most churches have funding available to help cover the costs of registration and travel. Your church, UCW, presbytery and/or local community groups are good places to ask for support. Ask your minister about how these groups can help!

Click here for application…YF IAC Application for Halifax Presbytery 2015 revised