To Sunday school teachers and youth group leaders:

Under a new policy of SJUC, the Christian Life and Growth Team (CLG) has a responsibility to ensure that “all Sunday school teachers, leaders of children and youth groups and volunteers who work with children and youth complete a current Police Record Check and Vulnerable Sector Check” and to ensure that copies of these documents are filed in the church office. The members of CLG deeply appreciate your commitment in serving our children and youth and do not wish to cause you any inconvenience but we trust that you understand the reasons for what has become a normal expectation in all organizations that serve children and youth.

The application forms for the Police Record Check and the Vulnerable Sector Check are available to you at the church office or through one of our Sunday School Coordinators, Janet McKay and Brenda MacKay, and our KOGA Leader, Lorna Griffin-Fillier.

The standard fee to have the process completed is $30.00 for volunteers who are working for a non-profit organization. You can pick up a letter at the church office to attach to your application which indicates that you are a volunteer at SJUC.

Also, the CLG Team and SJUC doesn’t want the fee of $30.00 to be unreasonably prohibitive to anyone. If the fee is prohibitive for you and your family, please speak with Janet or Lorna about your concern.

Once you receive or if you already have your record checks please give a copy to Janet, Brenda or Lorna or drop one off at the SJUC office so we can maintain an up-to-date file.

It would be great if you could have this process completed and a copy filed at the office as soon as possible.

And again, we appreciate your volunteer commitment very much,

Lorna Griffin-Fillier and Jim Gunn

Co-Chairs of the CLG Team

October 21, 2015