Upcoming events to mark on your calendar……

Wed, Sept 10th – United Voices Choir

Thurs, Sept 11th – Wellington Choir

Sun, Sept 14th  – WUC Sunday School, SJUC Sunday School & Sundae Social and KOGA

Tues, Sept 16th – 10am – Spirit of Advent Kickoff mtg (SJUC) / 7pm – Spiritual Oversight mtg (SJUC)

Wed, Sept 24th – 2pm-4pm Wise Cafe

Sept 26th-28th – KOGA goes to Camp Kidston

A Thank-you from M&P: Thanks to all of you who completed surveys and submitted insightful comments as part of the annual reviews for our minister and other personnel. Your feedback was an important part of this year’s review process. Thanks also to our personnel for their patient and thoughtful participation.

Lois Miller, Chair of Ministry and Personnel Committee

KOGA starts on Sept 14th and all youth in grades 7-12 are welcome to participate.  Our KOGA is lead this year by Lorna Griffin-Fillier and we’d like to thank her for taking on this role.  The youth are in for a very exciting year.  KOGA’s first gathering will be a KOGA Orientation.  The youth will be given information & permission forms (Camp Kidston) that will be due back on Sept 24th.

Caretakers: People caring for people for Christ’s sake

Starting on Sept 23rd, SJUC will be launching a new caring ministry for our church and wider community.  Do you have gifts for listening, exploring faith, and genuinely care for the well being of others? Maybe the Spirit is calling you to take a

deeper look at how you can put those skills into a rewarding ministry that will benefit our church.  Rev. Matthew will be leading training sessions as we put together a team of people who share this interest.  If that’s you we’re describing, than please call Rev. Matthew at 579-2276 for more information or email at revmatthew@sjucfr.ca.  There will be five training sessions running from Tuesday Sept 23rd – Oct 14th at 10am in the chapel at SJUC.  Come join us!

Greeters & Readers: if you’d like to be a greeter, read scripture or lead prayers of the people:

–at SJUC there are sign-up sheets located on the table as you enter the sanctuary.  Please feel free to sign up for a Sunday or two!

at WUC please contact Tracey @ tracey@sjucfr.ca / 902-860-4000

Spirit of Advent – “many hands make light work”

This is a wonderful concert that inspires the hearts of all with our community of churches and others coming together for an evening of word and song.  If you’d like to help with this event please consider joining us for our kick off meeting on Sept 16th – 10am at St. John’s United.  Or contact Tracey (902-860-4000) if you’d like to help but not able to make the meeting.

For printable version click the following…. Tidings Sept 7th