Many good things are happening at St. John’s United because so many contribute their time, talents and resources, including those who serve on the various committees of our church Council, the governing body responsible for all that goes on each week and month.

At our annual meeting on March 4th, quite a significant number of new committee members must be appointed to replace those who have finished a two-year term or the maximum possible four years.

This is a call for you to consider putting your name forward to serve on Council or one of the following council committees, according to your area of expertise, interest or concern.

Christian Life and Growth is responsible for confirmation classes, Sunday school, youth programs, Christian development for adults, related special events and services.

Church in Action is responsible for sponsorship of refugees and other social services projects, supporting other charitable organizations and raising awareness of the work of the national M&S Fund.

Church Management is responsible to oversee the operation and maintenance of our church facilities and grounds–including raccoon patrol and control.

Finance and Stewardship is responsible for promoting a church family culture and spirit of meaningful stewardship and for managing all operational budgetary and financial matters.

Spiritual Oversight is responsible for approval of memberships, confirmations, marriages and baptisms, oversight of the sacraments, the order of each weekly service, funeral ministry, making”Caring connections” beyond our church walls, and pastoral care of the poor and sick, those in crisis and/or times of bereavement and hospital or nursing home visitation.

Trustees are responsible for the oversight of proper general and fire insurance requirements and other official, legal matters related to the church building and property.

Over the next two or three Sundays, the committee chairs, who are members of Council, will speak about the work of their committee so that you have a bit more information and that you have a person you can contact to discuss your possible involvement.

Church governance and management may be quite “behind the scenes”, but it is truly a way to serve, to shape how our church grows and to share your particular talents or expertise. The expectation is that one would serve for a 2-yr period. Committees meet only 5 times/yr for about an hour each time. In essence your commitment is for 10-12 hrs over a 2-yr period.

Please speak with Rev. Woods or one of the committee chairs or watch for the sign-up sheets over the next few weeks!

St. John’s United has and wants to keep strong leaders taking it forward as a church family that is making a difference![/one_half_last]