St John’s Sunday School is geared for ages 4 through 12. A nursery is available for infants and toddlers should parents wish to make use of it. The nursery is equipped with a speaker and window overlooking the sanctuary so that the service can be observed and heard while your child is playing. Most Sundays we can provide adult supervision should you wish to return to the sanctuary. In our Sunday School, we have about 70 children registrared with about 30-35 active children weekly. Children remain in the sanctuary for the first part of the service until they are called forth for a story-time with the minister or layperson, prayer and song. At the opening of the service, the children also participate weekly by bringing forward a bible, cross and candle to remind all of the symbols of our faith.

As the children move from the sanctuary to the Sunday School, we gather as a whole group for a welcoming time which involves lighting a candle, sharing a song, collection and prayer. From there we move into Sunday School centers using the workshop rotational model. For the past several years, a writing team worked diligently at writing a rotational model curriculum however, this year we decided to buy a  rotational style curriculum called Come Join the Circle in order to give us some new, fresh ideas. Presently, we are rotating our children in two groups: preschool to Grade 1 and grades 2-6 for 4 weeks in which they rotate two centers for the first two weeks and then two other centers for the last two weeks. We have also rotated 4 age groups in the past when numbers have increased. The centers include crafts, games, video, science, cooking, puppets and storytelling to name a few. These centers lend children to learn with a hands-on approach. Also a few times a year, we have an all-ages event upstairs based on a particular theme that involves all the children.