Our bulletins / slides are dedicated this week in loving memory of Robert Ardley, by his son John Ardley and family.


Wed  6:15pm   Children’s Choir, SJUC

7:00pm  United Voices, SJUC

Thu  6:45pm  Wellington Choir, WUC

 Waverley Pastoral Annual meeting Feb 18th @ 7pm at SJUC

St. John’s Annual Meeting Feb 23rd following worship (lunch to be served)

            Those with names A-N please bring sweets; M-Z please bring sandwiches

            Remember PEANUT FREE, please.

Wellington’s Annual Meeting Feb 25th @ 7pm at WUC

Bulletin Dedications: For a donation of $20 you can have our weekly slides / bulletins dedicated in memory of a loved one.  If interested please contact the office 860-4000 / tracey@sjucfr.ca

Confirmation Classes: We are asking parents that have children ages 15 & up that are interested in having their youth confirmed to please contact the church office.  The youth will need to commit to one evening per week for a 6 week session as they review the meaning of Confirmation.  The reaffirming blessing will take place Easter Sunday.

Nursery Volunteers needed: Carolyn Haverstock is looking for volunteers to help supervise the nursery during our Sunday worship.  If you’re able to help with one or more Sundays please contact the church office.

Ian Van Oosten (a youth from Wellington United) is looking for our help.  Ian is a Scout with the local troop 1st Riverlake.  And he wants to be a part of the Canadian contingent at the 2015 World Scout Jamboree in JAPAN!!!!  But with this comes a cost, and that is where

we can help him.  The total cost for registration / flight is approximately $6200.  One of the ways Ian is raising money is by collecting refundables from around the community.  If you have any beverage containers (excluding milk and substitutes) that you would like to donate to Ian he would greatly appreciate it.  You can call him directly (860-0525) or contact the church office.  And if needed Ian will arrange to come pick them up.  Thank you for your support.

The UCW are collecting NEW personal care products for women who reside at ALICE HOUSING in Dartmouth. If you are able to assist in this project of caring, please drop off items in the hamper provided in the foyer. This project will be on going, for the month of February.  Thank you.

KD update:  Oodles of Noodles! Thanks so much for the wonderful support with supplies of Kraft Dinner! The cupboard is full…….  stocked well enough to see us through to June. Please hold on purchasing any more KD for now.  Donations of home baked sweets, fruits & veggie trays on Thursdays are still very much appreciated by the 120 or more students that dine in our church hall each week. If ever you would like to experience a KD lunch please drop in some Thursday and join in the fellowship.

KOGA Spaghetti Dinner…..click for details…Supper Poster