Rev. Dr. Sally Shaw is delighted to be appointed to serve as minister of Waverley Pastoral Charge for the upcoming year.  She is originally from southern Ontario and has lived in Bedford for 12 years. Sally and her spouse Rob have two sons, Dexter (22) and Noah (17.) Ordained in 1992, Sally has served churches in Saskatchewan, Ontario, and Nova Scotia, both as a solo minister and in team ministry. For the past 10 years she has had the privilege of serving as the United Church Formation Director at Atlantic School of Theology. Sally loves spending time in nature, is allergic to nuts, and is a great appreciator of the arts. She is really looking forward to meeting you, and getting to know you and your interests in the weeks ahead. Sally writes, “It is my privilege and my great pleasure to join with the faithful folk of the Waverley Pastoral Charge, to endeavor together to grow closer to God, to each other, and to bring together the needs of the world with God’s desires for the world.”