Happy Valentines Day. A day in which we are free to extend our love to one another especially our significant other by way of chocolate and flowers. At least that’s the way it’s suppose to work! But having a saint attached to it you know the early church was involved in its odd beginning, but by now has little significance in its appeal. According to wikipedia the early catholic church had its doubts about this saint as there were so many bestowed with this name of  valentine- derived from valens (worthy, strong powerful). So many in fact that it was tough to keep track of them all as they were being martyred (killed) as they attempted to spread Christianity. So as one Pope gave rise to the importance of this day in 496 AD another Pope undid the importance of this day in 1969 deleting it from  the Roman calendar.
The romantic side of things came to be when Chaucer wrote a poem Parlement of Foules,  including the reference to “love birds”  as he commemorated the 1st anniversary of the engagement of King Richard II of England to Anne of Bohemia in 1382 both at the age of 15.  Yeah, every guy thanks you Chaucer .  So I hope you get shot by Cupids arrow this v-day. Whether its from the Roman or Greek (eros) he’s the chubby  guy wearing the diaper!
Upcoming announcements!
~It may be stormy this Sunday. If in doubt about St. Johns or Wellington being opened:  call 860-4000 for a message! or check my tweet (sjucfr) or better still sleep in!
~Maritime Conference meeting can be a fun time, if you’re a youth that is! Think about attending either Intermediate @ Conference (Jr. High) or Youth Forum (Sr. High +) from May 31st-June 3rd @ Mt. Allison University in Sackville , NB. No previous experience necessary. These groups have their own space and dorms to hang-out in. Its a great time to meet other youth from around the Maritimes and Bermuda! See Rev. Tom for application ASAP and some costs if not all will be covered. (depending on #’s).
~Pancake Breakfast @ Wellington United Church on Sunday, Feb 19th following the service. Come on out as we begin another church season (Lent) by eating.
~Annual Meetings:
Waverley Pastoral Charge – Feb 28th @ 7 pm
St.John’s United Church- Mar 4th @ 12 pm
Wellington United Church- Mar 6th @ 7pm