Lent is here and we hardly noticed. Unless you had your fill of pancakes on “mardi gras” or “fat tuesday” or “shrove tuesday”  as we used up all our “fat laden food products”.  Then we proceeded to be anointed with ashes on your forehead on  “ash wednesday”. Its not so much a Protestant thing to do but many religions and denominations observe and practise something around “fasting” in their relationship with God. The fasting varies in length, but is suppose to take the focus off us and our abundance (food being one of many) as we focus on our relationship with God and need for spiritual nourishment. Throw in some sense of penance, atonement for sins, guilt and need for forgiveness, social cause-40 hr famine, and you pretty much cross the spectrum of why Godly people fast. I’m not too sure that having an empty stomach brings us closer to God, maybe the rumblings help us to be in solidarity with a first century disciple who lived on a meager diet of fish and bread. It seems the Brazilians do it up right with “carnivale” or New Orleans with “mardi gras”. A huge celebration before we calm down and reflect, ponder where these next 40 days may take us. Now only if we had some beads to throw!!!

Upcoming events:

~Starting Ash Wednesday, and progressing over the 40 days of Lent, leaders in the United Church of Canada have created short devotional videos to be shared with the church. You can subscribe to these videos by visiting http://cruxifusion.ca and entering your email address into the box on the right hand side of the page. A short email will arrive in your inbox where you will need to confirm your subscription. If you have any questions, please contact info@cruxifusion.ca.

Annual Meetings:

~Tuesday, Feb 28th @ 7pm: Pastoral Charge Annual Meeting.

~Sunday, Mar 4th after church: St. Johns United Annual meeting

~Tuesday, Mar 6th @ 7pm : Wellington United Annual meeting.

Looking for a few good confirmands! Anyone 12 years of age and over interested in hangin out at St. Johns for a day long retreat on Saturday, March 24th from 9:30am to 4pm. We will have a fun time looking at our faith, church, United Church of Canada. Why go to church at all any more…Is it relevant? How can the church become a place that fits in your life! These and many more questions will not be answered, but we’ll have a fun time trying too…through the use of movies, youtube and audio resources. Give Tom a shout if it’s for you. And oh yeah you become a member of the prestigious United Church of Canada where membership has its privileges!